Tip of the Week

I recently added a new plugin to display the latest post within a category; there must be another one out there but I coudn’t find it, so I hacked my own. I plan to upload it to WP’s plugin repository (some day) so I may as well use this post a man page (?)

  1. Download the plugin from // TODO
  2. Unzip / untar the file in wp-content/plugins
  3. Enable the new plugin
  4. Configure the category to be searched (in my case I used “Vim Tips”) in the settings tab
  5. Add the plugin as a widget (or copy&paste the code as needed, it’s in the readme)
  6. Post something within the new category, if there’s nothing
  7. The excerpt from the post and its title will be displayed in the sidebar (or wherever you configured the new plugin)

Easy to use. Hope you like it.

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