Ubuntu J.J.

I’ve been using Ubuntu 8.10 for couple of months and soon began to think about switching to Debian or some other – more stable – distro. At work Ubuntu 8.10 seemd too unstable, with frequent crashes and slow. Instead of switching I decided to upgrade to 9.04 soon after its release, something I’ve always avoided (best to wait for a couple of months, until it gets more stable. Even better if it is an LTS). So far I must say this is the best Ubuntu relase I’ve seen.

Some highlights after the first couple of days:

  • The install was flawless and quick. In fact I didn’t even see it install, just left it running and went to another PC to install 8.04 (I was at FLISOL) and came back to a fully functioning system.
  • Configuring my dual monitor setup at the office required some work but not more than 8.04 and 8.10.
  • I’m still a little uncomfortable with the notification system but it’s not worse than before (though I’m not sure if it’s better).
  • Still having some problems with SCIM on Opera, not sure who’s at fault there.
  • The boot times are FAST. In fact the whole thing seems fast and stable.
  • The graphics handling are improved. Compiz works much better, I can even run it with my dual monitr setup (something I couldn’t do with 8.10).

All in all, a great release and a must upgrade for sure. Ubuntu FTW!


Vim Tip: Find Next

vim_editor In normal mode, move the cursor to any word. How do you search for the next occurrence of that word?

Press the * key to search forwards for the current word, or press # to search backwards.

Using * or # searches for the exact word at the cursor (searching for rain would not find rainbow).

Use g* or g# if you don’t want to search for the exact word.

FLISOL / Presentación


Con motivo del FLISOL voy a estar dando con Juanman (de GNUTN, el LUG de la UTN) una versión actualizada de la charla GNU/Linux: Introducción y Programación Gráfica (link al post original) que ya dimos en la UTN el año pasado, con muy buenos resultados.

La charla, que a pedido del departamento de marketing ahora se llama GNU/Linux: Guía de supervivencia, va a ser el sábado 25 de abril del 2009 en FM La Tribu, Lambaré 873, de 12:45 a 13:30 (link al programa completo). Dejo un link a la presentación que estaremos utilizando.

Quedan todos invitados!

Link al post original sobre FLISOL
Link a la presentación Tamaño aproximado: 3MB

GNU/Linux: Guía de Supervivencia

Vim Tip: Using markers

vim_editor Set a marker if you whish Vim to remember a cursor position Use m* to mark current position (use a to z for position names) and then ‘* to move to mark * (again, a to z).

This trick can be very useful when editing a large file (or lots of files) in case you need to quickly edit something and then return to the previous spot.


Está abierta la inscripción para participar de FLISOL, Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre.

El Grupo de Usuarios de Software Libre de Capital Federal (CaFeLUG) abrió el registro para participar de FLISOL, el Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre, que este año se realizará el sábado 25 de abril, de 10 a 20 hs. en FM La Tribu, ubicada en Lambare 873, Buenos Aires.

Mas info: http://flisol.net/FLISOL2009/Argentina
Mas info II: http://www.cafelug.org.ar/modules/news/

PD: Voy a estar dando una charla en el FLISOL 😀