Ubuntu J.J.

I’ve been using Ubuntu 8.10 for couple of months and soon began to think about switching to Debian or some other – more stable – distro. At work Ubuntu 8.10 seemd too unstable, with frequent crashes and slow. Instead of switching I decided to upgrade to 9.04 soon after its release, something I’ve always avoided (best to wait for a couple of months, until it gets more stable. Even better if it is an LTS). So far I must say this is the best Ubuntu relase I’ve seen.

Some highlights after the first couple of days:

  • The install was flawless and quick. In fact I didn’t even see it install, just left it running and went to another PC to install 8.04 (I was at FLISOL) and came back to a fully functioning system.
  • Configuring my dual monitor setup at the office required some work but not more than 8.04 and 8.10.
  • I’m still a little uncomfortable with the notification system but it’s not worse than before (though I’m not sure if it’s better).
  • Still having some problems with SCIM on Opera, not sure who’s at fault there.
  • The boot times are FAST. In fact the whole thing seems fast and stable.
  • The graphics handling are improved. Compiz works much better, I can even run it with my dual monitr setup (something I couldn’t do with 8.10).

All in all, a great release and a must upgrade for sure. Ubuntu FTW!


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