apt-get install new computer III

Check the other two parts of this series:


I recently updated to Ubuntu 9.04 and had to reinstall my work computer. Since the stuff I use for work (mostly c++ programming) was left out in the previous two posts I’ll post it here:

  • Install build tools
sudo apt-get install g++ gdb build-essential g++-4.2 omniorb4 omniidl4-python omniidl4 libxerces-c2-dev
  • Can’t live without VIM
sudo apt-get install vim gvim vim-common vim-doc vim-full vim-gnome vim-gtk
  • Some additional tools
sudo apt-get install ddd devhelp doxygen doxygen-gui exuberant-ctags ctags  subversion
  • Install bandwith monitor
sudo apt-get install ifstat
  • Don’t you hate when you need to read an Office document while working on the console? Me too, try antiword:
sudo apt-get install antiword

Done, a couple of apt-get’s and you are ready to build your c++ projects! (Ok, actually only the first one is needed, the others are nice-to-have programs).

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