Zomg! happy (late) birthday

Can’t believe it… a whole year has gone by and I didn’t even notice. The frist psot was over a year ago and now with over a hundred posts in the archives, a second blog [spanish only] starting, many changes in the directions of the articles and a timidly and ever quiet growing reader base, I can say I didn’t learn anything at all from the experience.

I bet that’s not the kind of speech you were expecting but the message I would like to transmit today is this: to all the people trying to start a blog, do it for fun, nothing more nothing less. Don’t expect any kind of epiphany (not even in a web browser form) nor a sudden burst in online popularity (what for anyway?). You may get those as a byproduct of the experience but starting a blog only for that is a recipe for boredom and frustration.

Write, for a whole year, just because it’s fun


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