I hearth Berkeley

error: cannot convert ‘Db**’ to ‘DB**’ for argument ‘1’ to ‘int db_create(DB**, DB_ENV*, u_int32_t)’

Thank you very much, Oracle Berkeley, for having a type named Db and another one named DB, and for never using namespaces. It makes my work a much more interesting challenge (*).

(*) Yeah, I know, Db is for the C++ wrapper and DB is for the plain C API (**). So what, I hate you all anyway.
(**) I’m working on a project with Berekley DB and it has enough WTF moments for a complete blog… I may post some of them, as a catharsis method. (***)
(***) Or because it has some interesting stuff too… who knows. Recursive note FTW (**). I think I have already done that, haven’t I?


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