There’s still hope

A log time ago, in a galaxy far away, I posted a list of stuff I apt-get’d as soon as my Buguntu install was ready. Well, fast forward to KK and this is the new apt-get script:

sudo apt-get install opera mocp unclutter build-essential gimp 
        mmv gnome-do knetworkmanager xdiskusage iptraf sshfs 
        shntool cuetools flac wavpack unrar vlc vim gvim vim-doc 
        vim-full vim-gnome ddd devhelp doxygen doxygen-gui 
        exuberant-ctags ctags  subversion ifstat antiword

Quite a progress I’d say, as these are mostly programs I use which don’t come in the default install (even though they should). You know, I even have hopes for the sound system in my notebook this time…


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