sshfs, quick remote mount

When all you have is ssh access to a machine you have enough to mount a remote disk to your work station. How? easy:

sshfs user@host:/path/to/remote/dir /path/to/local/dir

Remember you need permission for both local and remote directories.


4 Comments on “sshfs, quick remote mount”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome tip!! Never knew about this, but it’ll be an amazing time saver!

  2. twitter says:

    That’s a nice tip, thanks.

    I like the sftp kio slave with Konqueror. Typing “sftp://user@hostname/path” will open path for file browsing. The address can be bookmarked like any other url and the same scheme works for any KDE file open dialog. Files browsed in Konqueror drag and drop seamlessly between the remote computer and local or other remote computers and behave in every other way like a local file. sshfs will generalize this behavior to other file browsers and applications.

  3. Nico says:

    Nice tip twitter, thanks

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