A Makefile for code coverage report with C++

So far you should know how to use makefiles and you should have a nice testable project. Then you have everything ready to get a coverage report. Yeah, using makefiles, you guessed!

This time we’ll depend on two tools, gcov and gtest. These are in Ubuntu’s repositories, so you should have no problem getting them. I won’t even bother to explain this makefile (not because it’s obvious but because I don’t really remember how it works. I wrote this over a year ago).

.PHONY: clean coverage_report
	# Reset code coverage counters and clean up previous reports
	rm -rf coverage_report
	lcov --zerocounters --directory .
	$(MAKE) COMPILE_TYPE=code_coverage &&
	$(MAKE) COMPILE_TYPE=code_coverage test
	lcov --capture --directory $(BIN_DIR)/$(OBJ_DIR)/code_coverage --base-directory . -o salida.out &&
	lcov --remove salida.out "*usr/include*" -o salida.out &&
	genhtml -o coverage_report salida.out
	rm salida.out

Bonus makefile target: make your code pretty:

.PHONY: pretty
	find -L|egrep '.(cpp|h|hh)$$'|egrep -v 'svn|_Test.cpp$$' | xargs astyle --options=none

Remember to change your astyle options as needed.

Bonus II: Example project using gcov and gtest: gcov_gtest_sample.tar. The irony? It doesn’t use my common makefile, it predates it.


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