A talking makefile

So, after learning how to use makefiles, then how to use makefiles for TDD and for code coverage report, now you need to annoy your whole team with a talking makefile. What could be better to notify everyone on your team when a test fails than a synthesized voice commanding you to fix your program?
test: $(TEST_SRCS)
	@for TEST in $(TEST_BINS); do 
		make "$$TEST"; 
		echo "Execute $(TEST)"; 
		if ! ./$$TEST; then 
			echo "Oh noes! I detected a failed test from $$TEST. Go and fix your program!" | festival --tts ; 

Try it. You’ll love it.

Bonus chatter: when Valgrind detects over $MUCHOS errors it’ll print “Too many errors detected. Go and fix your program”, then it won’t print so much detail in the next backtraces.


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