Automagic document conversion for your makefiles

So, now you have a common makefile, ready to be used for a TDD project and for code coverage report automagic generation. Not only that, but it even speaks to endlessly annoy your team. What else can we add to this makefile? Well, automatic documentation generation, clearly.

You want to batch convert .doc to .pdf using the command line on a server without a GUI? Or you need automated .ppt to .swf conversion through cron, a sysvinit service, or a remote web server? Online conversion services such as and not working for you? Whichever formats you need to batch convert, PyODConverter is a simple Python script for just this purpose.



One Comment on “Automagic document conversion for your makefiles”

  1. […] Oh, thanks a lot (?). BTW, exporting an odm to pdf with a headless set == FAIL (i.e. don’t even try to use this if you intend to autogenerate some documentation with your makefile). […]

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