A random slideshow in Ubuntu

The other day I wanted to use my tv for a slideshow of my travel pictures. Something simple, just select a folder and have a program like Shotwell create a slideshow with a random order on my tv. Of course, Ubuntu and double screen equals fail. For some reaason all the programs I tried either were incapable of using the tv as the slideshow screen (even after cloning screens… now that’s a wtf) or where not able to recursively use all the pictures in a folder.

feh to the rescue. It’s not pretty, but feh seems to be exactly what I was looking for. It’s a CLI application for Linux and after some RTFM I came up with this script:

feh ~/Pictures \
     --scale-down \
     --geometry 1920x760 \
     --slideshow-delay 9 \
     --recursive \
     --randomize \
     --auto-zoom \
     --draw-filename \
     --image-bg black 

You can probably figure out by yourself what each option means. If not, just man feh.


2 Comments on “A random slideshow in Ubuntu”

  1. John Evans says:

    Hi Nicolas,
    Thanks for this, I was amazed that none of the several programs I have, (gwenview, shotwell, default image viewer etc) allow you to simply start a slideshow and have it show in a random order. I can’t get feh to work on my second monitor(even with –geometry 1920×1080+1800+0). I think that’s a twin view issue though as from what I have read it only supports parts of xinerama.

    Thanks again

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