ndk-gdb life tip: use –verbose

Crosscompiling is always fun. No matter how ready-to-use it’s packaged, and Android does a pretty decent job at that, you’re still bound to find problems that leak through the abstraction layers. If something says it’s dummy-proof, I always find the way to perfect myself and be even dumber. For people like me; do yourselves a favour and start launching ndk-gdb this way:

ndk-gdb --start --verbose

Using the –verbose parameter will probably reveal some hidden errors. For example, when I forgot to chmod 777 my gdbserver binary:

## COMMAND: adb_cmd pull /system/bin/app_process ./obj/local/armeabi-v7a/app_process
run-as: exec failed for /data/data/com.nico.trippingsdcardphotomanager/lib/gdbserver Error:Permission denied
117 KB/s (9560 bytes in 0.079s)
Pulled app_process from device/emulator.

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