VLCFreemote: no need to leave the couch

I’ve been quite prolific in my Github account recently, if I may say so myself. The latest of my open-source projects which I think is more or less ready to be “released to the world” is VlcFreemote, a remote control for VLC in Android. From its README file:

How many times have you been comfortably watching a movie from the couch only to find out you forgot the subtitles? How about being snugly tucked under a blanket, only to find out you need to brave the cold of winter just to add a new episode of your latest binge-watching series? Yeah, that can easily ruin your day.

Worry no more: with VlcFreemote you can now install a tiny Android app to control your VLC server.


  • Another VLC remote? Why?There are a few VLC remote controls out there. I think this is the only once that’s open source (not 100% sure). It has some nice extra features I haven’t found in other remote controls too: bookmarks, automagic movie-skip (jump forward by a percentage of the file length, much more useful than it sounds!) a compact layout and other small things probably not even worth mentioning. In the future, whenever I get some free time, I’d like to add the ability to start VLC automatically from SSH, a feature I would use a lot and I have seen nowhere else.
  • Why isn’t this in Google play?Mostly cause I’m lazy and cheap. Getting a Google Play account costs 10 dollars or so, and I’m too lazy and too cheap to get one. Want me to upload it to Google Play? Feel free to buy me a beer. If not you can just get the APK from Github, or download the source code and build it yourself.

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