Ubuntu 15.10: Ubuntu ME

Warning: semi-useless rant ahead. TL;DR: Avoid Ubuntu 15.10 – it’s the closest Linux has ever been to Windows ME.

I have been using Ubuntu for a while now. From the time when Canonical actually mailed real, physical CDs of the distro. So get of my lawn.

In all of my Linux years I have never, ever, had such a horrible installation experience as I did this weekend with Ubuntu 15.10. I may go as far as saying not even Windows ME was this horrible to install. I hit dozens of critical show-stopper bugs, from poor UEFI support to an installer that crashed when clicking “Go back”. And that’s only the installation, don’t get me started on the new KDE Plasma 5 desktop… (hint: my big desktop screen is NOT a phone. Swiping to login? Bad idea for a mouse).

A few hints for any other poor souls that made the fatal mistake of installing Ubuntu ME:

  • UEFI? Say no. Get a different computer if you can. Try to set it in legacy mode if you can not.
  • Try not to repartition and install Ubuntu on the same go. Even more so if you have UEFI. First install, then rearrange partitions with a live cd.
  • If you get a few (or a few dozen) “system crash notifications” when starting up your GUI, check /var/crash. Delete everything from there.
  • If you want Kubuntu, don’t install Ubuntu and then apt-get install kubuntu-desktop. That’s broken. If you want Kubuntu just get its install image.
  • Don’t install Kubuntu. Really, it’s horrible and it crashes. (You though I called 15.10 Ubuntu ME for no reason?)
  • Don’t like Gnome? XFCE is usable and can be configured to look more or less like a sane version of KDE. It still crashes but at least it’s quick to boot.
  • If you get a disk check on every startup just disable it on fstab. No, it’s not nice. I haven’t found any other workarounds yet.

I have no idea when has Ubuntu gone so horribly bad, but I’m not looking forward to installing any Ubuntu distro anytime soon. I wonder what Slackware looks like these days.

2016? Still not the year of the Linux desktop.

Update: XFCE is great… except it doesn’t really support moving the mouse.  Seems Ubuntu is having a nostalgic release and decided to introduce old bugs from 2012!


4 Comments on “Ubuntu 15.10: Ubuntu ME”

  1. ffuugoo says:

    2016? Still not the year of the Linux desktop.
    It is! Haven’t you heard about “Ubuntu-on-Windows” yet?.. 🙂

    • I’m not sure what to think about the Ubuntu on Windows thing, since I don’t use Windows. I did assume it was a 1st of April thing, since that’s when I read it… maybe ubuntu 15.10 was just a huge 1st of April prank?

  2. ffuugoo says:

    2016? Still not the year of the Linux desktop.
    It is! Haven’t you heard about “Ubuntu-on-Windows” yet?..:)

  3. ffuugoo says:

    Sorry for the double-comment.

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