Vim utilities: Better Tab New

I spent some time writing utility scripts for my Vim setup. I figured I can share them here, someone may even find them useful or at least get a laugh out of it. The first one is called “Better Tab New” and you can get it from my Gihub repo or from the script’s Vim page.

Why would you want a better tab new, and what’s wrong with the default one? Simple: tabnew, in Vim, will just open a file. For that to happen you need to specify the exact path of a file. That’s usually perfectly fine, but sometimes you need tabnew to be a bit smarter: maybe you just grep’ed something and ended up with a path that looks like “/foo/bar/baz:my_text:42”. Or maybe you want to open a file and go to a specific line. Those are things for which the default tabnew implementation isn’t very good. BTN fills that niche and lets you create a simpler workflow when using grep.

Get BTN: Better Tab New here:


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