Vim utilities: Findgrep & Fastgrep

I spent some time writing utility scripts for my Vim setup. I figured I can share them here, someone may even find them useful or at least get a laugh out of it. Last time I presented “Impl switcher”, and “Better Tab New” before that. Today it’s Findgrep & Fastgrep’s turn.

I wrote about Fastgrep a long time ago. The idea behind it is to speed up the slowest part in a grep command, the disk seek time, by creating a huge blob file with all the files in a project concatenated.

Fastgrep works great. But it requires a context switch, going from your IDE to your console just to grep. Findgrep fills the gap between the IDE and the command line: this utility provides a few key bindings to let you quickly run some common commands, like searching for a selected string or finding a file in the project directory.

You can get Fastgrep hereFindgrep is available in Github, and you can easily replace Fastgrep with normal grep if you need to.


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