Five years

It’s been a while since I’ve used the meta-post category. I think it’s a good opportunity to do so: exactly five years ago I typed “/./etc/init.d/blog start”, on this same blog. Quite a long time.

I’m really surprised I’ve managed to keep on writing more or less regularly for five years on this blog. There are now about 360 articles on this site, which gives an average of about one per week. That’s a nice metric, even if not very accurate. I spent almost a year without writing, while moving to a different country. Maybe I should start a blog about that too.

Here’s for five years more!


Learning misspells: thanks Vim!

I just noticed a very silly “pattern” I usually fall into: since I like vim (perhaps a bit too much) to work with text, even free-form text like this blog post, most of the times I type a lot of text which then must be spell checked (so far I haven’t found a spell checking extension I like for vim). While spell checking I correct the original text in vim, and to do this I usually search for the mispel in Vim, thus typing the wrong spelling one more time. This has the side effect of reinforcing the bad spell instead of forcing me to type the correct spelling.

I wonder how can I fix this problem without a spellchecker for vim.

An awareness test

Rant ahread: this is an old video, but it remains very instructive.

It’s amazing how easy it is to loose sight of a dancing bear (that sentence does make sense after viewing the video!). I wonder if that’s why I dislike Windows. Too many menus, whereas I have a single interface for pretty much anything with my CLI.

Powerpoint monkey

I doubt this announcement will be of much use to anyone, but I’ve uploaded most of my latex presentations to my github repo (those for which I found the source code, anyway).

At least it’s a great way to see crappy latex code which probably hasn’t compiled in newer versions of latex for at least a couple of years.

200th post!

Yes, this is the post number 200 on this blog. Considering we are a month away of starting the fourth year, I guess that gives me quite a lousy periodicity, but I am still surprised I post somewhat regularly here after such a long time (hey, in programmer years that’s like a whole life!).

Since the beginning this blog has mutated from being  my public notepad to being a place where I research new topics, or write about things that are generally interesting to me. I lost many readers for posting crazy metaprogramming stuff and for constantly babbling about Vim and Linux, but hey, I’m proud of if. Let’s see what the next 200 posts bring here.

Vacations are over

Long time without updates. I guess I needed vacations from the blog. It was not the first time and it probably won’t be the last one I take, but I’m back now with another truckload of C++ ramblings and misc stuff. Like this one:

Funny queries: What Google thinks of me

It’s been a long time since I used the metapost category. I’ve been taking a look at the queries received by Google for which this blogs shows up. Some of them are quite peculiar, some of them may give us an insight of what the search engine things of me. For example:

Query Impressions
grumpy old man 2,000
grumpy 400
grumpy man 400
ugly old man 250
grouchy old man 110
grumpy old 35
old grumpy man 70
grumpy gnome 12

There was a long list of variations to these phrases, but I didn’t want such a long post. Anyway, if you thought that grumpy is all Google considers me to be, brace yourself for a surprise:

Query Impressions
trained monkey 90
no life 90
funny troll
monkey using computer
tool monkey
congratulations monkey
monkey using tools

Basically, a computer using trained-troll monkey, with no life. Pretty accurate, some people may say.

Query Impressions
señal de muerte 12

Literally signal of death in Spanish. Tip: Lack of pulse.

Another common search:

hang yourself 200
how to hang yourself 90
rope to hang yourself 12

I guess those searches have a very low returning rate.

This is a query which sincerely surprised me:

Query Impressions

I’ll do a public service here: it’s written ‘elephant’, buddy.

Another downgrade achieved


Oh sh….

Template Metaprogramming XVI: Appendix

I forgot but one thing about these posts: the titles. No one got the hint but they are all chapter names from one of my favorites series, Nowhere Man.