Awesome (and useless) trivia: Ubuntu’s first bug

I’m still not over the disappointment from my latest Ubuntu install but recently I found a bug which is quite remarkable:

Yes, Ubuntu’s #1 bug, reported by Shuttleworth himself, is “Microsoft too big”. I’m not too sure I agree with the bug’s resolution.


KSnapshot is getting smarter

I just noticed KSnapshot is smart. Too smart. If you save a snapshot to a folder with a bunch of files like “Snapshot_N_foo” it’ll name the next one “Snapshot_N+1_foo”. That already makes my computer smarter than some humans!

Some sane advice from Firefox’s console

Tinkering with Firefox’ JS console I had to copypaste some stuff. I got a really nice surprise when it wouldn’t let me:

Scam Warning: Take care when pasting things you don’t understand. This could allow attackers to steal your identity or take control of your computer.

That’s some really good advice coming from your browser’s console.

Code and Google translate: awesomeness

Some time ago I found out one of my articles was translated to another language (yay for that, woo for not letting me know about it). To understand what my own article said, I had to use Google translate on the site. Guess what? c++ and Google translate can produce hilarious results:
# The include "throw.h" the extern "the C" {void seppuku () {throw statement the Exception () ; }}
Another one I liked:
the struct the Exception {}; # ifdef __cplusplus the extern "the C" {# endif void seppuku (); # Ifdef __cplusplus} # endif
Now you know it. Next time you’re looking at some incomprehensible c++ code, run it through Google translate. It may improve it.

An awareness test

Rant ahread: this is an old video, but it remains very instructive.

It’s amazing how easy it is to loose sight of a dancing bear (that sentence does make sense after viewing the video!). I wonder if that’s why I dislike Windows. Too many menus, whereas I have a single interface for pretty much anything with my CLI.

CLI music FTW!

Does your music collection suck? Did you have to delete all your mp3 because you were facing a major lawsuit by the MPAA? Make your own console-music! Just open a terminal and type this for hours of endless fun:

cat /dev/urandom | aplay

Aditional tip: if you ever get tired of the random static, you can have fun playing your boot images like this:

cat /boot/initrd.img-3.0.0-12-generic | aplay

I wonder if that has copyrights….

Vacations are over

Long time without updates. I guess I needed vacations from the blog. It was not the first time and it probably won’t be the last one I take, but I’m back now with another truckload of C++ ramblings and misc stuff. Like this one:

Vim: Ni! Ni! Ni! Ni!

Even though I have vim a Vim fan for a long time there still is a lot of stuff which amazes me about this little editor, ¬†and this thing I last learned about it is in the “ZOMG that’s so cool I’m about to pee my pants”¬†category. Unfortunately, if I were to draw a Venn diagram of the people who may find it cool I’d have to intersect the group of people reading my blog (yes, very small) with the group of people who like Vim and Monty Python. So, here’s to the null group:

Type :Ni! in Vim and be amazed, it’ll reply back: Do you demand a shrubbery?

Just how cool is that?



Just to remind you

It’s been too long since the last time this image appeared on my blog:

Truth be told

I bet 90% of enterprisey architecture diagrams are more or less like this one.

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