My open-source projects

Sometimes I decide to contribute something back to humanity. Others would say I unleash my crappy code to the world. In any case, here’s something you can laugh at, be horrified about or maybe, maybe, find useful:

VlcFreemoteLink to article

Control your VLC from an Android device. No need to get up from the couch.

IMGeotaggerLink to article

An image Geotagger for Linux that doesn’t entirely suck.

TrippingSdCardPhotoManagerLink to article

When you’re on a long trip and you don’t want to carry around a heavy computer just to manage your camera’s SD card, this app can be a helpful tool. Using your tablet’s SD card reader (or an OTG cable, if it has none) you can manage the photos taken in your trip, preview your snaps and make room for more by deleting those that you don’t want. Let’s you use ImageMagick in Android.

GodminSetting up a Linux GW/Router, a guide for non network admins

Godmin is intended as an application to *easily administrate a Linux based gateway*, but *not as a one size fits all* tool; Godmin was created with a very narrow audience in mind, it was created as a tool to easily administrate a Debian based gateway running ISC, bind and iptables, for a small to mid size LAN (10 to a 100 clients). You might find Godmin useful if you […]


Trello board printer: generate a printable version of a Trello board including card descriptions and attachments.

Hacked pictag –  Pictag: finally a simple geotagging tool for Linux

A hacked clone of to have it run in newer Ubuntu versions

[Vim plugin] Impl Switcher : Easily switch between impl and header files

Impl Switcher: a Vim plaugin to switch between implementation and header files (for example, between .h and .cpp files).

[Vim plugin] BTN: Better tab new : Adds a tab new command accepting file:lin_num as a parameter

Better tab new: replaces the default tabnew command with a slightly smarter version, capable of understanding line numbers. This is very useful for programming, where filenames are usually expressed as “fname:line number”. Even when grepping, the output format will usualy be “path/to/file:42”. BTN won’t reject these strings, it will instead open them and move the cursor to the appropriate line.

FastgrepA cache for grep

Feel your grep searches are too slow? Try caching your project for grep! Works great in combination with this Vim plugin.